Cady Rowland is a licensed FREELANCE Makeup Artist with a love for all things Fashion & Beauty.

Cady Rowland got the crazy idea to jump into the blogging world, July 2015 when she created Running in Stilettos Blog after leaving corporate world USA. Cady needed an outlet to express her creativity after getting the opportunity to become a stay at home mom. Her OCD cleaning habits and helicopter mom tenancies were literally driving her family crazy.

Cady has always had a LOVE for all things beauty and fashion. Her vision behind RIS blog is to inspire and empower women. Whether that’s through those perfect pair of stilettos that you really shouldn’t buy but know they will make you feel 10ft taller or that amazing red lipstick that gets that second glance and gives you an extra boost of confidence to conquer your week. Cady has always lived by the motto: If we look our best, we feel our best.

Life is short - buy the stilettos!

In Cady’s spare time she enjoys shopping way more than she should…. YOLO (insert Khloe Kardashian impersonation), eating fried pickles - only if they’re spears, sippin’ on Chloe Rose wine, charging up on blue RedBull, fantasizing about her next Louis Vuitton handbag, jamming out to 2000’s rap music, weekly planning sessions to remodel her entire house down to the base boards and counting down the days to her next Dallas trip.

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