Amazon Favorites

So, I'm new to buying clothes and accessories on Amazon. I've always been leery about it. I wasn't sure if they would be good quality and I didn't want to mess with shipping it back if they weren't. A few of my friends and family have purchased and have had good luck. So, I thought I would give it a try and i’m so glad I did!

I saved up some amazon points and purchased my first two items. I figured if they didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be out my own money. My first item purchased was a dupe Louis Vuitton wallet. It’s amazing! My second item purchased was a dupe Louis Vuitton phone case. I really liked it. I used if for a couple months. It was def a good dupe.

When I received my order, I was super impressed to say the least. I absolutely love all of the dupe items I've purchased from Amazon so far. Obviously- these are dupes, so keep in mind they won’t last you forever or be the same quality as a $450.00 Gucci belt, but they are nice quality for the price and def worth not paying the normal price. I highly recommend all of these items. These favorites would make a perfect Christmas gift for that special friend, sister, mom and etc. I'm actually purchasing my mom the dupe Gucci belt for Christmas. She fell in love with my authentic Gucci belt. I mean..... I do love my mom, but to spend $450.00 on a belt for a Christmas gift isn't ideal. This dupe will be perfect without breaking the bank.

I’ve had a few questions on sizing information so I thought I would let you guys know which size I ordered. I ordered the 100CM in the dupe Gucci belt and 105CM in the LV dupe belt. I’m a size 2-4 or a size 27 depending on the jeans.