RevAir Review

If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I’ve talked about the RevAir Reverse Blow Dryer. It’s a game changer in the beauty industry. It’s designed to blow dry and straighten your hair. So, basically a 2 in 1.

I have natural curly, course, frizzy hair and I’m always looking for ways to improve my blow dry and styling time. It literally takes me 12 minutes to blow dry and straighten my hair! It usually takes me 8-12 mins just to blow dry. Then I have to curly and straighten some frizzy pieces.

Last year I did a review on the T3 blow dryer and it was really good, but the RevAir is next level. You can find that review HERE. I’m not discrediting the T3 at all! I love all of their products. In fact, I use the T3 1.25 trio curling iron and couldn’t live with out it! I will do a video on how I curl my hair soon! Anyways, I gave my mom my T3 blow dryer after upgrading to the RevAir and she absolutely loves it!

The RevAir is just in a different category! If you’re unable to afford the RevAir, the T3 is a great alternative option. Again - for someone who has had frizzy hair my entire life and is used to spending a ton of time blow drying my hair. I’m willing to pay anything to help improve my blow dry time.

The cool thing about RevAir is that they offer a Rev now, pay later! It’s risk free and guaranteed. They also have a 1 year warranty. How could you not try it? I’ve also got a 30% off code for you!

Get $30.00 off with code SAVE30!

Here’s a picture of my hair without doing anything except allowing it to air dry.


Running In Stilettos Blog - RevAir Review


Running In Stilettos Blog - RevAir Review