Favorite Designer Dupes

I wanted to update you on some of my favorite dupes! I’ve recently found more and you guys are going to LOVE them! I’ve numbered them in order below and added a few sizing references in case you decide to order. Enjoy my loves!

Start with the Gucci Pearl Belt and scroll to your right if you want details on each items as they are numbered below.

1. Gucci Belt with Pearls - This belt retails for $1,200 this belt is an amazing dupe! You def need this in your closet.

2. Hermes Leather Belt - This belt is way cute! I plan to order one soon. I think it would look so cute with a pair of dark jeans and white tank.

3. Gucci Belt - I ordered these two and I’m waiting on them to get it. I plan to give a full review. The customer reviews look amazing! I wear a 26-27 in jeans and got the size waist: 22” to 33”.

4. Louis Vuitton Belt - I own this belt and wear it ALL the time! I get so many compliments, because it looks so real! I wear 26-27 in jeans and ordered the 105CM.

5. Cartier “Love” Bracelet with diamonds - This bracelet retails for $10,100. That’s literally a car! Good thing I found you a dupe! This bracelet is seriously so cute!

6. Cartier “Love” Bracelet - This bracelet retails for $6,100 which is also a car! LOL This dupe is awesome and a steal.

7. Hermes Bracelet - I’ve featured this bracelet before and it’s worthy of another mention. I love all things Hermes! This bracelet retails for $640 and this dupe is only $12.

8. David Yurman Bracelet - This bracelet retails for $495. This is such a great dupe and a must for your bracelet collection.

9. David Yurman Bracelet - This bracelet retails for $595 and also another popular dupe. You may have seen these on a lot of blogger. It’s perfect to stack with your watch and add that extra touch to your arm candy.

10. David Yurman Bracelet - This bracelet retails for $1,700 which is by far the most expensive of the three. This is another great addition to your stackable bracelets.

11. Hermes Blanket - This blanket is so cute and I’ve had my eye on it for awhile after seeing it on Hillary Duff’s couch via Instagram. This blanket retails for $3,500. Luckily I found you a dupe for only $39.

12. 13. 14. Louis Vuitton Phone Case - These cases are so cute and I personally have #14 and it’s my fav! These dupes are so good and a fraction of the cost.

15. Louis Vuitton Backpack - This backpack is such a good dupe! I just purchased this one for my collection. This backpack retails for $1,940 and is only $98. It’s such a good buy!

16. Louis Vuitton Neverfull - The neverfull is by far one of the most popular Louis Vuitton purses. This dupe is also one of the best I’ve seen. I will be ordering soon.

17. Cartier “Love” Ring - This ring matches the Cartier “Love” Bracelet listed as #6 and its def a must to match your “love” bracelet.

18. Valentino Stilettos - You can’t ever have enough stilettos! These Valentino dupes are amazing! You need these in your closet. You can dress these up or dress them down.

19. Valentino Sandals - These sandals are perfect for Spring and Summer. These will def complete your wardrobe! I love the nude pair.

20. Valentino Flats - I so want these! I think they would look so cute with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and Rolling Stones top. They have a ton of colors to choose from.

21. Louis Vuitton Wallet - I seriously need this wallet too! This wallet is so cute and is such a cute dupe. I love that you can fit your phone in it too!

22. Louis Vuitton Coin Purse - I recently ordered this and love it! I usually use my neverfull wallet to go out, but I’ve recently started using this one. It’s perfect for your license, card and cash.

23. Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Bag - I own the light and the dark one of these and love love love them! They are great quality and perfect for your LV collection.

24. Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet - This zippy wallet is a great dupe. I’ve been using mine for about 6 months now and love it. I use it with my authentic LV backpack and you can’t tell the difference.